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Mardi Gras 2001





Welcome to Mardi Gras Man's!

This site is being rebuilt from the ground up - sorry about the mess!

You've just arrived at Mardi Gras Man's - the site that provides information and tips to help you have a wonderful experience at the world's biggest and best party - Mardi Gras!  Whether you're a Mardi Gras first-timer or veteran, you'll find lots of good information packed on our site - travel information, hotel pointers, bar information, bead tips, parade schedules, safety information, and a lot more!

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Mardi Gras 2001 Coverage Coming Soon!

Mardi Gras Basics

If this is your first time attending Mardi Gras, I'm sure you have many questions...When is the best time to come?  What should I wear?  Learn all this and more on our Mardi Gras Basics Page!, loaded with information about the holiday and tips for a better stay.


Let's talk Mardi Gras!  Visit our on-line Mardi Gras Message Forum to ask questions, voice your opinion, and share your Mardi Gras stories!   In exchange for using the Mardi Gras message forum, all we ask is that you keep the messages clean (relative to Mardi Gras).


Keep up with the latest in parade information and view our parade-watching tips.  This section will be periodically updated as information becomes available.  MG 2001 parade schedule coming soon!

Coming Soon!



Need travel information?  Then check out our Mardi Gras Travel Page, where you will find not only travel tips, but also links to on-line reservation systems at the nation's leading air and passenger rail carriers!

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Hotel Tips

The Mardi Gras clock is quickly winding down, and hotel rooms are going fast; especially in the French Quarter.  For information on how to make your hotel stay a pleasant one, check out our Hotels Tips Page!

Coming Soon!

Listen to a 24-hour live broadcast of the sounds of New Orleans via the Internet from NOLAlive!  You will need Microsoft Media Player or RealPlayer from RealNetworks to hear the broadcast.


Which bars are the best in New Orleans?  Where can you find good music and reasonable cover charges?  Find the answers to these questions and more here!


Leaving Mardi Gras is always an unhappy event.  But don't make it worse by leaving unplanned and on a stretcher, or going home in a bodybag.  Find out more!


Which beads are hot this year?  Where do you get the best beads for your money?  How do you "barter" beads?  Learn all this and more on our Beads Page!

Yahoo! Club

Make sure to join our on-line Yahoo! Club - make friends, ask questions, share pics and stories, participate in regularly-scheduled chats, use our on-line master calendar, and do lots more!