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Mardi Gras 2000 - The World's Biggest and Best Party

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the world's biggest and wildest party

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Parades

Your trip to Mardi Gras won't be complete without watching at least one of the many colorful and festive parades. The official parade season begins two weeks prior to Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), with most occurring the last few days leading up to Fat Tuesday. Carnival organizations participate in the parades - tossing beads, doubloons, and other items to the spectators, which is one of the biggest thrills of watching a parade. Most of these carnival organizations are referred to as "Krewes;" however some, such as REX, are not "Krewes" in the formal sense of the word.  It's not uncommon for Krewes to have balls (formal, social events) after their parades - often lasting late into the evening. Although some Krewes sell tickets to their balls, most balls are by invitation-only. Below you'll find the 2000 Carnival season parade schedule and some tips about getting the most out of parade-watching.  Note that some times and locations are missing from the schedule.  I'll add these as soon as I get something definite.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras 2000 Parade Schedule

Mardi Gras 2001 Parade Schedule TBA


February 25, 2000

February 26, 2000

February 27, 2000
February 29, 2000
  • Druids - 6:30 p.m
  • Sinbad - Metairie, 7 p.m
March 1, 2000
March 2, 2000
March 3, 2000
March 4, 2000
March 5, 2000
March 6, 2000 - Lundi Gras
March 7, 2000 - Mardi Gras
  • Krewe of  Argus - Metairie, 10 a.m
  • Zulu - Uptown, 8:30 a.m
  • Rex - Uptown, 10 a.m
  • Grela - Westbank, 11 a.m 
  • Crescent City - 11 a.m
  • Elks Gretna - Westbank, 11 a.m
  • Krewe of Jefferson - Metairie, 11a.m
  • Elks Orleanians - 11 a.m
  • Elks Jefferson - 11 a.m
  • Krewe of Jefferson - 11 a.m
  • Krewe of America - 4 p.m

Parade-Watching Tips

-  For the best view, sit in the grandstand.  As opposed to standing on the side of the street, it will cost you; but if you're into the colors, floats and costumes, it's worth it.  Grandstand tickets can be purchased from TicketMaster.

-  When someone on a float tosses something in your direction, make an effort to snatch it.  But be careful not to step on peoples' feet, bags, etc., or bump other people.  Remember, most parade routes are standing room only - especially along Canal Street.

-  Keep the items you collect in a bag by your feet.  The people on the floats are more likely to toss things your way if they don't see you with beads all over your body.

-  Before the parade begins, scope out the area you will be in so that you'll know where the nearest restrooms are.

-  If you decide to use a ladder-type device to get a better view of the parade, make sure it's securely on the ground and that you don't reach out too far to snatch items being tossed from the floats.

-  Never chase a float or get too close; accidents can happen.  Also, never walk up to or stand right in front of a parked float.  I saw a woman do this once and the float suddenly began moving - splattering her head like Gallagher's Sledge-O-Matic splattering a watermelon.

-  If you get discouraged because you haven't caught many items thrown from the floats, do NOT get mad and throw your beer at the people on the float.  I've seen a number of people "dealt with" because of this and similar behavior.

Mardi Gras