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Privacy Statement

The information you supply in this questionnaire will only be made available to members of the "Krewe of Katt" on-line Yahoo Club, and only if you become a member of the club, which is by invitation-only.  The only exception to this policy is that your nickname and MG arrival/departure dates will be listed on our public gathering schedule in the form of: "yournickname arrives at MG on xx/xx/2000 and departs on xx/xx/2000.  Full information from the questionnaire will be made available to club members only at a later date in the form of a document that requires a special passcode to view.  For the question "Where are you staying?" please do NOT indicate a room number if you happen to know the number in advance (this is for security reasons, of course).   Since hotels don't give out room numbers, the only possible thing that could happen (and highly-unlikely) is that somebody might call and want to be connected to your room (but this can be a good thing, too).  You alone are responsible for any information posted below or the eventualities pursuant thereto.  Ok,'s actually safe...don't freak out!