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Beadmeister's 2003 Bead Sampling


These beads are available from the following companies:

Mardi Gras Beads        Beadwhore        Accent Annex        Beads by the Dozen        Toomey's        MardiGras Outlet        Europe's Finest

Before you proceed:


Rating Code:  L="lukewarm," "H="hot," RH="red-hot."



            Celestials (L)                           Angels w/Hearts (H)                                   Lips (L)



                       Jazz (L)                                                Voodoo (H)                   Classic Bourbon Street (H)



                   Roses (H)                                   Metallic Hearts (RH)                               USA Lips (H)



                        Red Hearts (RH)                                Tabasco (RH)                         Metallic Crowns (RH)



Pacifier for the Drunks (L)                     USA Flags (L)                                   Handmade Voodoo (H)



            Saturn?? (L)                 Checkered Flags (RH)                Blinking Pirate (L)



    Magnolia (RH)                               Breasts (L)                   Long Pink Roses (RH)



Flashing Irish (L)           Shamrock Hearts (RH)                            Skulls (H)



                Zulu (RH)                 Alphabet Blocks (RH)           Beadwhore Tattoo (RH) - Click here for demo!


Not pictured:  Harley Davidson, Jeff Gordon NASCAR Beads, Misc Motorcycles, Flashing Aliens; Blinky Guitars, Masks, Jesters, Flags, and Chili Peppers; Flashing/talking roulette, Misc Casino,  Teddy Bears, Dolphins, Beer Mugs, Flashing Penises, Flashing Labia, and Lots more!!!  Why?  I don't have the time.

see you at mardi gras 2003!

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